The 11 Best Box Fans in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

With the state of the current economy, it’s important to save all the money you can. Air conditioning is an expense that can quickly get out of hand during the hot, stifling summer months. The purchase of the best box fan can help offset the cost to run your air conditioning while helping you to stay cooler.

There’s a vast array of brands, models, and features available in box fans. It can be difficult to ascertain which one is the best for you. We’ve compiled a list of our ten best box fans and created a buyer’s guide to aid you in selecting the perfect fan.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for Low Price – Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator Fan
  2. Best for Quality – Lasko 3300 Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling
  3. Best for Cooler Climates – Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan
  4. Best for Quaiet Rotating – Holmes Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan
  5. Best for Sleeping Comfort – Hurricane 736501 Classic Box / Floor Fan
  6. Best for Larger Areas – Vornado 630 Mid-Size Room Air Circulator Fan
  7. Best for Fireplace – Patton PUF1810C-BM High Velocity Fan
  8. Best for Value – Holmes Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat
  9. Best for White Noise – Lasko 3723 Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED
  10. Best for Rainy Weather – Lasko 3720 Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of Best Box Fans



Dimensions, inch

Weight, lbs

Speed Qty

Special Features


Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator Fan




  • Adjustable tilt

    15" head

    Save up to 22% on energy bills when used with A/C

Lasko 3300 Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling




  • Adjustable tilt/ 20" head

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

24(to 37)x6x13



  • 8.5" fan

    Programmable thermostat/ Water resistant motors

    Remote Control

    Reversible сontrol

Holmes Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan




  • Rotating grill

    Blizzard power

    Auto-off timer

    Remote control

  • 12" Fan

Hurricane 736501 Classic Box / Floor Fan




  • 20"Fan

    Great economical floor fan with a space saving design

Vornado 630 Mid-Size Room Air Circulator Fan




  • 12"Fan

    By providing whole room circulation

    It allows you to turn the thermostat up 5° F - saving energy and money

Patton PUF1810C-BM High Velocity Fan




  • 18"Fan

    Adjustable tilt

    Powerful motor

    All metal

Holmes Twin Window Fan

25(to 35)x6x13



  • 8.5" fan

    Programmable thermostat

    Water resistant motors

    Remote Control

    Reversible сontrol

Lasko 3723 Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED




  • 20"Fan

    Durable steel body

    Save-Smart™ Less than 2¢ per hour

    Isolated motor

Lasko 3720 Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan




  • 20" Fan

    Durable steel body

    Save-Smart™ Less than 2¢ per hour

    Isolated motor

    High performance grill

Things To Consider before buying the Retractable Baby Gates

With so many different box fans available on the market, it can be hard to know what to look for. As technology improves, exciting new features pop up on fans often. We’ve taken the guess work out and created a handy dandy guide to aid you in finding the best box fan for your needs.

What Is a Box Fan?

A box fan is usually large and square, although much newer, more modern options are popping up in rounder shapes. This type of fan is built with an open back design, which allows the fan to pull air from one space into another. This is especially true if you place your box fan in a window or a doorway. Traditionally, they have been larger and bulkier than some of the other types of fans. However, many newer models have been given a streamlined makeover to allow them to be powerful without taking up a lot of space.

How Box Fans Can Save You Money?


An average central air conditioning unit eats up 3,500 watts of electricity. A ceiling fan uses 75 watts on average. In many cases installing a ceiling fan is not a feasible option, which leads us to look for a different type of fan.
Box fans usually cost mere pennies per hour to operate. They can help to add up noticeable savings over time as opposed to running the air conditioner at full blast every day. A box can also help to redistribute the air cooled by the air conditioner more quickly, helping to lower the cost and need for the cooler.

Who Needs a Box Fan?

Box fans are useful in a variety of different spaces to suit the needs of many different individuals. This type of fan is a fantastic option for people living in apartments, in dorms, in houses, and are also perfect for garages and workshops. Box fans are also extremely handy for offices and businesses since today’s models are smaller and more compact.

Using Your Box Fan for Natural Ventilation


Natural ventilation relies on the use of fans along with outdoor wind to cool your home. This concept works best in climates with cooler summers or cooler temperatures and breezes at night. This method can often be easily accomplished by using a window fan.

During the hotter daytime, you will need to ensure doors and windows are closed. At night once the temperature has started to drop into the cooler range, you can open windows and use your box fan to help the cooler air circulate and lower the overall temperature. The use of natural ventilation can go a long way towards lowering your overall electric bill, especially if you decide to purchase a window fan or use your box fan near your window.

Using a Window Box Fan

To maximize the movement of air through your home you will need to use fans that blow cool air in and hot air out. The right fan to accomplish this is not an oscillating or tower fan. You will need to use a box fan or preferably a fan meant to be used in a window. Use a standard box fan, and you just will need to make certain it’s secured into the opening of your window. You will need to set one fan to pull the hot air out of the home and set the other to push the cooler air in.

This idea works best when you utilize this method with more than one window. The more window fans you have working together harmoniously, the better. Try to ensure you have an even number of fans to push hot air out with those that will pull c old air in. However, if you have an odd number of fans use the extra one to pull outside air in. This situation will create a slight positive pressure within your home and can help to discourage insects from attempting to enter your residence.

You should try to position the fans that will blow air into your home on a shady side of the building. Position the fans that push the air outside on the sunny side of the home. Doing this will maximize your ability to cool the home and lower bills. If your home consists of more than one floor, you can position fans to pull air inside on lower levels and those that push air outside on upper floors so they can send the rising, hotter air outside.

Try to use larger box or window fans for this purpose so you can seal the open window areas easily. You can use fabric window treatments, plywood panels, or Styrofoam to seal the areas around the fan shut so that you don’t let hot air in or cool air out. Box fans designed specifically for windows will arrive integrated with seals for this very issue.

This process works best at night when the air is cool. During the day time, you should take care to close windows to keep the colder air inside and start the process again after the sun sets and the night air has cooled. Most modern housing features insulation that will retain the cold night air for hours during the day.

Avoid placing fans that blow air in near waste bins or parking areas. If you do, the smells associated with those areas can waft in. No one wants to invite trashy smells or toxic exhaust fumes into their home.

What Kinds of Features are Important to Look for In a Box Fan?

As technology has advanced and improved, many new and exciting features have become more common in box fans. You can certainly make due with a more basic fan, but many features are great to have and offer better convenience. Here’s a quick glance at several of the top fancy fan features you can find.


Some folks love the sound of a fan. In fact, many people cannot sleep without one to drown out other louder sounds. Most of the selections available are extremely quiet. Some models are much noisier. If the fan is used at night or around sleeping kids, it may be worth it to buy a whisper quiet model as opposed to one that sounds like an airplane every time it’s used.

Safety First

If children or pets could get close to the fan, it’s imperative to have a model that is safe. Many box fans have grills over the blades to prevent little fingers or paws getting cut or injured. Check to make sure the fan has a broad enough base to keep it from being tipped over easily. Cooler air is important, but it’s not as important as you and your family’s safety.

Good, Clean Fun for Everyone

Fan blades can get gross pretty quickly. You will want to be sure to clean it regularly to keep dirt, dust, and other debris from getting blown around your home. Choosing a model that is easy to clean can save you time, frustration, and a sneezy nose.

Adjustability and Control

Some box fans allow you to tilt the unit to adjust where the air is blowing. This can be a handy feature for many owners. Newer models may come with a remote control. A remote can be wonderful, especially if its late at night and you don’t want to get out of bed to change the air flow.

Fan Maintenance

When compared with other household appliances, box fans are relatively low maintenance. The most common issues involved in the upkeep of your fan lies in the prevention of dirt, grime, dust, allergens, and any other debris from building up on the fan’s blades.

If you have purchased a fan that is unable to be easily taken apart, you can try to use cleaning brushes, a spray, or even canned air to remove debris and buildup. It is important that you exercise caution in keeping water off of the fan’s motor and other electrical components to avoid a shocking situation.

You can help lengthen the life of your fan by keeping it out of the reach of kids and pets. Running the fan only when you need to instead of letting run twenty-four hours a day is also helpful. The fan should be used in a way that allows the air a clear path to circulate, so try not to put it in front of furniture or appliances. Securing it safely during use on a table or other off the floor surface can keep the fan, and your family, safe.

Full Detailed Review Of Bench Grinder for Best Box Fans

1. Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator Fan

The Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator is an excellent and affordable option. This portable fan is fifteen inches tall and features ten-inch blades. The front grill is removable to make cleaning this fan a breeze.

The Honeywell HT-908 Turbo Force Room Air Circulator is a fantastic option for anyone that needs a small yet powerful fan. This model has the ability to move air up to 32 feet. It’s also very quiet, making it perfect for those individuals that like having a fan to supply breeze at night while sleeping.

  • Quiet
  • 3 Speeds
  • Air movement up to 32 feet
  • Easy to clean
  • 15-inch frame with 10-inch blades
  • Affordable
  • May not be large enough for bigger rooms

2. Lasko 3300 Wind Machine 3 Speed Cooling

The Lasko 3300 20″ Wind Machine is a mighty fan with a rugged design. It is very durable and built to last for years and years to come. This item features three speeds to customize air flow.

The Lasko Wind Machine is quiet but still very strong, making it an excellent choice for sweltering nights. The easy carry handle allows you to move it quickly from room to room or take with you on vacation. This fan is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to save on air conditioning bills while feeling a strong air draft.

  • 20-inch fan with 3 speeds
  • Great for hot climates
  • Easy carry handle
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Larger design may not be suited for smaller rooms or apartments

3. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

The Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan is packaged with a remote control to make adjustments easier. This model features a double fan design meant to be placed in the window to draw fresh, cool air in from outside while pushing the hot, stale air inside out. Each fan is able to operate independently from the other.

The Bionaire Twin Adjustable Airflow Window Fan is an excellent choice for anyone that lives in a climate where outside air is cold enough to be used instead of air conditioning. This model has three separate speeds to customize the flow of air. At just thirteen inches tall, it fits comfortably into casement windows, vertical slider windows, and double hung windows.

  • Fits easily into window
  • Uses cooler outside air
  • 3 speeds
  • Reversible fan feature to push hot air out
  • Easy to use
  • Moderate price
  • May not be a good choice for hotter climates

4. Holmes Blizzard Remote Control Power Fan

The Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard Power Fan features a unique twist on traditional box fan designs. This model has a rotating grill which aids in blasting cool air throughout the entire room. It has three speeds, two breeze modes, and a large easy to carry handle.

The Holmes Blizzard Power Fan has an adjustable timer so you can program it for up to eight hours. This option is a wonderful option for anyone that needs a compact fan that can handle a larger room during hot weather. The wind power and cooling ability of this item make it a fantastic choice.

  • 12-inch compact design
  • Rotating grill
  • Easy to carry
  • Very powerful/li>
  • Moderately priced
  • Arrives with a remote
  • This fan may be more difficult to clean and maintain compared to similar models

5. Hurricane 736501 Classic Box / Floor Fan

The Hurricane Classic Fan has three speed settings and is 20 inches in height. This budget choice features a space saving design. This fan gets the job done without a bunch of fancy bells or whistles making it perfect for those wanting an economical, easy to use fan.

  • Durable
  • 20 inches tall
  • 3 speeds
  • Space saving design
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Not as high-tech as other options available

6. Vornado 630 Mid-Size Room Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 630 utilizes Vortex Technology to provide total air circulation throughout a room. This item has three speeds and is whisper quiet. It has superior performance with deep pitched blades that can move air up to an astounding 70 feet.

The Vornado is a perfect choice for anyone wanting a high-quality fan that will cool larger rooms. This fan has multi-direction airflow, and it’s easy to clean. It’s simple to use and very powerful.
  • Vortex Technology
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • 3 speeds
  • Multi-directional air flow capability
  • Moves air up to 70 feet
  • Great for larger rooms
  • Expensive

7. Patton PUF1810C-BM High Velocity Fan

The Patton High-Velocity Fan features three different settings for speed and an adjustable tilt head. It is comprised of 18-inch metal blades that efficiently move air. This model has a powerful motor and is built to last.

The Patton High-Velocity fan is an excellent option for individuals wanting to cool a workshop or garage. This fan is very loud, so it may not be best suited for home or overnight use. You could also use this heavy duty box fan as a tool to help you dry carpets after shampooing them.

  • 18-inch blades
  • Powerful
  • 3 speeds, tilting head
  • Moderately priced
  • Very loud

8. Holmes Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

The Holmes Twin Window Fan is composed of lightweight plastic and fits easily into windows with an opening of at least 25 inches wide and 12 inches in height. It also can be used with extender panels which will extend the fan to a width of 35 inches for larger windows. The fan has a comfort control thermostat to help you find and maintain the ideal temperature for maximized comfort.

The Holmes Twin Window Fan is a lovely choice for those individuals that want a window fan and live in moist climates. The fan motors are water resistant to guard against issues in rainy weather. It has three speeds and is easy to install and use. The fans operate independently to allow cold air inside the home while pushing hot air outside.

  • Lightweight
  • Fully assembled and arrives with extender panels for larger windows
  • Water resistant motor
  • 3 speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Moderately priced
  • May not be as powerful as other options

9. Lasko 3723 Premium Box Fan 3-SPEED

The Lasko 20-inch Premium Box Fan is a good basic model. It has 3 different speed settings. This option is lightweight and easy to move.

  • 20-inch model
  • 3 speeds
  • Easy carry handle
  • Lightweight
  • Basic fan without many higher tech features

10. Lasko 3720 Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan

The Lasko 20-Inch Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan is a basic model with the addition of a weather shield to protect the unity form rain. It has a compact design and is easy to carry and transport. On the downside, it is louder than other similar models.

  • 3 speeds
  • Easy carry handle
  • Lightweight
  • Weather shield
  • Loud


Final Thoughts

Purchasing a box fan can make your home much cooler and more comfortable. You can also cut down on energy used and electricity bills. There are many helpful features on box fans that can help you to create a cooling scheme that keeps everyone happy and comfortable. We hope you enjoyed our box fan review and buyers guide. Be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.